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Common Defenses to Criminal Charges

At our law firm, we comprehend the complexities involved in a myriad of criminal defense areas.

  • Self-Defense: This defense is used when an individual’s actions, which would otherwise be classified as criminal, were necessary to protect oneself from imminent harm. In such cases, we robustly submit legal defenses to establish that our client’s actions were justified.
  • Defense of Others: Under this defense, we aim to demonstrate that the actions of our clients, which would ordinarily be considered criminal, were motivated by the need to protect another person from immediate danger or harm.
  • Lack of Intent: We strive to show that our clients did not possess the requisite intention to commit a crime, a vital element in many criminal charges.
  • Consent: In certain situations, we argue that the alleged victim had given their consent to the act, thus negating the idea of a criminal act.
  • Entrapment: We maintain that criminal actions by our clients were induced by government officials or agents who coerced our clients to commit acts they would otherwise not have committed.
  • Necessity: We work to establish that our client committed an act out of necessity – it was carried out to prevent a more severe crime or situation from happening.
  • Duress: If our clients acted under duress, we argue their actions stemmed from a legitimate fear of severe harm or death if they didn’t commit the alleged offense.

In all these instances, our dedicated team works relentlessly to provide a robust defense for our clients of criminal cases. Remember, every case is unique and requires a tailored approach – an expertise we possess at our law firm.

Client Reviews

Dudley exceeded my expectations... and came prepared with pictures and information that resulted in us winning the case. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and caring attorney.


I have no words to explain my gratitude for Mr Dudley. He is been my attorney for 3 years and did excellent work to help me out from "OUI" & family case. I would definitely recommend him. He was always there to guide me.


Attorney Goar defended me in a criminal case in which I had been falsely accused of a crime by my business competitors. He was successful in getting the criminal case dismissed and then represented me in a civil case against the people who had falsely accused me. Thanks to Attorney Goar I cleared...


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