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Concord Lawyer Defending Clients’ Rights for Over 25 Years

The Law Offices of Dudley Goar was founded in 2003 in Concord, Massachusetts. Recognized as an highly experienced and successful trial lawyer, I have dedicated my practice to achieving the best possible outcomes for criminal defendants and civil litigants, with a focus on Central Middlesex County. I have been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts state and federal courts since 1997 and have over twenty-five years of experience representing clients in the courts of the Commonwealth.

Concord Criminal Defense Lawyer With Twenty-Five Years of Experience

As a criminal defense lawyer based in Concord helping those charged with crimes such as OUI / DUI / Drunk Driving, Assault and Battery, and Larceny, experience has demonstrated that achieving client goals requires a combination of close collaboration with the client, a thorough understanding of the applicable law, and deep knowledge of court processes. Successful criminal defense requires patience, persistence, and a clear understanding of achievable goals and outcomes. It is an intensely human endeavor in which “people skills” and the ability to effectively communicate with judges, prosecutors, and other court personnel can determine an outcome as much as trial skills.

My approach is time tested, thorough, and effective: I will analyze your case to assess strengths and weaknesses and then develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve the best outcome. This might mean filing an appropriate motion to dismiss the case when there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal charge; filing motions for discovery when there is missing information that will help your case; or filing a motion to suppress evidence when the police have violated your constitutional rights in the way that they obtained evidence. If necessary, I will recommend hiring appropriate an appropriate expert to assist with a technical aspect of the case, or utilize a private investigator to assist with fact finding. No matter, what if the case reaches the trial stage, we will be ready. I will put my decades of trial experience to work fighting for you and maximizing your chances of success.

Client Connection

My record of success achieving the best possible outcome is founded on a strong connection with the client. This connection is based first on a thorough understanding of appreciation for the client’s concerns and goals. Next, consistent communication is maintained throughout the life of the case, so that the client fully understands the case status at all times and there are as few surprises as possible. If the case gets to trial, we will have developed a solid basis of trust and communication that will greatly increase the chances of a successful outcome.

The following are representative of the types of criminal cases that I handle:

Clerk Magistrate’s Hearings

A Magistrate’s Hearing, sometimes called a “Show Cause Hearing,” is hearing that is held before a Clerk of Assistant Clerk of the District Court after someone, often a police department, has filed an Application for a Criminal Complaint against you. At the hearing, the applicant (usually a police officer) will summarize the basis for the application to the clerk. You are then allowed to present your side of the story, and the clerk will decide if there is probable cause for one or more crimes based on the alleged facts. Probable cause is a low standard of evidence, so the clerk will often determine that there is probable cause. However, that is not the end of the story, because the clerk has the power, even after probable cause is found, not to issue a criminal complaint. I have years of experience successfully representing clients at Magistrate’s Hearings so that a criminal complaint is never issued, and the client avoids having a charge on his or her record. If you have received a summons for a Magistrate’s Hearing, call me so that we can discuss the best way to achieve a successful outcome.

OUI/DUI Drunk Driving

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Middlesex County in particular, vigorously enforces the state’s drunk driving (also called impaired driving, or driving under the influence) laws. Prosecutors almost never dismiss these cases voluntarily, no matter how weak the evidence. Furthermore, because the statute that governs OUI/DUI law is so strict concerning penalties, judges have little discretion over sentencing decisions. In addition, there are penalties affecting your driver’s license that the court has no control over and that are imposed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. This combination of factors means that many OUI/DUI cases go to trial. I have years of experience evaluating and trying these cases and regularly obtain acquittals after both jury trials and trials before a judge. If you are charged with an OUI/DUI offense, call me as soon as possible so that I can help you minimize the disruption to your life and obtain the best outcome for the case.

Assault and Battery Charges

Assault and Battery is an extremely common charge in the district courts of Massachusetts. Variants of the charge include domestic assault and battery, in which the participants are in a domestic relationship, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and indecent assault and battery. In Massachusetts, it is not necessary for the prosecutor to prove that the defendant hit someone in order to prove there was assault and battery. He or she must only prove that there is a non-consensual touching of another person, even if no injury occurred. A lesser included offense of assault and battery is simple battery, which requires proof that that the defendant placed another person in fear of imminent serious physical harm. If you have been charged with one of these crimes, it is critical that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to avoid or lessen the harsh consequences of such a charge.

Zealously Defending Your Rights

Being accused of a crime can be a frightening, confusing experience. A criminal case can have many negative effects on your life and liberty, such as loss of a driver’s license, loss of employment, and even loss of parental rights. Because of this, it is critical that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend your rights as soon as you learn that you could be charged with a criminal offense. The sooner you speak to me the more I will be able to improve the likelihood of a successful outcome for your case.

Concord Attorney Handling Civil Disputes

Personal injury, automobile accident, slip and fall, condominium disputes, employment law, and landlord-tenant disputes are other types of cases that I have successfully handled throughout my career. I began my career as a civil litigator in the area of insurance defense, responsible for a wide variety of cases, including personal injury, premises liability, and environmental contamination. I now have twenty-five years of experience helping clients achieve their goals in these and other types of civil disputes. I have tried many civil disputes to verdict and have utilized “alternative dispute resolution” methods, such as mediation and arbitration, to obtain client goals outside of the courtroom. If you have a legal question or dispute that involves an area of “civil” law (a term for disputes involving money, as opposed to crimes), please call me for a free consultation.

Dudley Goar Attorney

Meet Dudley Goar

Dudley Goar is a Civil & Criminal Lawyer located in Concord, Massachusetts successfully representing clients in courts throughout the Commonwealth

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Dudley exceeded my expectations... and came prepared with pictures and information that resulted in us winning the case. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and caring attorney.


I have no words to explain my gratitude for Mr Dudley. He is been my attorney for 3 years and did excellent work to help me out from "OUI" & family case. I would definitely recommend him. He was always there to guide me.


Attorney Goar defended me in a criminal case in which I had been falsely accused of a crime by my business competitors. He was successful in getting the criminal case dismissed and then represented me in a civil case against the people who had falsely accused me. Thanks to Attorney Goar I cleared...


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